«Private Photo Editors» place in the editing market

We are fine art wedding photography editors with over 10+ years of experience working as wedding & portrait photographers. After we began shooting hybrid photography we focused on the quality of our edits, how our digital images fit our film scans and we were striving for that. That is why, after 10 years of hard work, we have become very strong specialists in a narrow niche of private wedding editing, where consistency in working with hybrid, film, editing, and film emulation for digital images is required.

We started our boutique editing services as a response to the constant shortage of qualified editors who have a background in full-time wedding photography and can achieve the highest level of expertise in all the important stages of a wedding photographer's work: culling, color editing, cropping, and portrait retouching.
Such photography experience is vital for a photography editor because only someone who has deeply immersed in all of these processes from the inside firsthand understands how essential it is that your photo editor maintain the same time & car that you would in your wedding and portrait editing.

That's how we became photo editing services for photographers that value high quality and consistent edits and now we have gained so much experience that we are ready to constantly share it with other editors and helping even the leaders in wedding photography achieve the level of the image that they are used to see in their portfolio and give them new breath to other equally important sections of their business, such as communication with clients, the development of advertising and increase the number of shootings.

If you feel that you are close to our views on editing and you have already thought about hiring a private photo editor for your wedding and portrait shoots, don't hesitate to visit our website and fill out a simple waiting list form. In case we still have vacancies, we will be happy to get to know you better and help you with your creative tasks!