Hey there! We're Dim and Anastasia, the duo behind "PrivatePhotoEditors"

We absolutely adore our clients – those go-getters, with an impeccable sense of visual flair who aim for nothing less than perfection in every tiny detail. Having been in the trenches as international wedding photographers ourselves, we're totally on board with this mindset. It's a game-changer in the fiercely competitive arena of wedding photography, where standing out is everything.

We've been there, feeling every ounce of the emotion, dedication, and countless hours of editing that wedding photographers pour into their craft. We know all too well the sacrifices made to deliver work that's nothing short of spectacular. We firmly believe it's this relentless pursuit of excellence that transforms the landscape, drawing in not just the best clients but also the most creative planners, and paving the way for creative businesses to thrive financially.

In the journey toward perfection, there's no room for half-measures. As your editors, we're here to ensure you reach those peaks of excellence, delivering results that don't just meet but exceed your expectations, without ever settling for "good enough."


Our works have been published on many famous European wedding blogs, such as Magnolia Rouge, Green Wedding Shoes, The Fount, etc. 

We've also won many different photo awards and created several personal photo exhibitions.




Color editing, hybrid matching & quality checks

  • Wedding photo editing & retouching: over 7 years
  • Fashion & beauty retouching: over 6 years
  • Wedding & family photography: over 7 years
  • Portrait and fashion photography: over 5 years




Culling, creative cropping & public relations

  • Wedding/Event photography - over 12 years
  • Family/Portrait photography – over 12 years
  • Event photography– over 10 years.
  • Advertising & Product Photography – over 8 years.
  • Fashion Photography - over 6 years.
  • Wedding photo editing & retouching: over 10 years


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